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A restaurant, otherwise known as an eatery is a business that prepares and serves drinks and foods to its customers in exchange of money. Meals and food items are generally served and eaten within the premises, but most of the restaurants are also providing take-out and delivery according to the convenience of their customers and there are some restaurants providing services like drive-in, where the customers need not to walk-in to the restaurant but can drive-in with their vehicle and buy their food and take them home. Restaurants would be offering a variety of offers to its customers that includes a wide range of cuisines and services that range various prices to inexpensive to high-priced and luxury establishments.

Many of the restaurants in the western countries that are in the mid to high range restaurants will serve alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. Some of the restaurants would be serving all the major meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other such restaurants will serve only a single meal or sometimes two meals. People who don’t have time to prepare food in their home or having less facility to cook, restaurants would be a great option to satisfy their appetite.

Types of Restaurants

GRestaurants are classified in many different ways, the primary factors to distinguish these restaurants are usually the food itself; for example, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, the cuisine can also be used to distinguish the restaurants, for example, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, French and Indian, or sometimes the style that the restaurant uses to offer the food to their customers, for example, tapas bar, a buffet restaurant, a sushi train or a yum cha restaurant. Apart from this, the restaurants can be differentiated based on the factors that include the speed of preparing the food (fast food), location, formality, services or the theme that they serve their customers.

Restaurants in the United States

  • The guides would be reviewing the restaurants by often ranking or providing them with information to guide their customers. During the year of 2006, there were approximately 215,000 billion sales in the United States that accounted a sum of $298 billion, where approximately 250,000 (limited service) fast food restaurants, which accounts for $260 billion. Since the year 2016, the people of the United States spent more money on restaurants that buying groceries. Restaurants in the United States have employed around 912,100 cooks in the year 2013 with an average wage of $9.83 an hour. The staffs for waiters have numbered 4,438,100 in the year of 2012 who earn an average of $8.84 an hour.


The restaurant sector in the United States is one of the largest and fastest growing with 10 million workers. In the United States, 1 in every 12 people is working that business, and during the time of recession in the year of 2008, the restaurant industry was an anomaly and it continued to develop more. Restaurants are commonly known among the people that they are giving low wages that they claim because of the thin margin of profit that is around 4-5%. To have a fair comparison, Walmart has a profit margin of 1%, but these are one of the most sectors that has a lot of vacancies.

In many countries, restaurants are subject to be inspected by the health inspectors to maintain a standard for the health of the public. One of the most considered standards by the restaurant inspectors is hygiene and cleanliness. As part of the inspection, the procedures of the cooking and the practices of serving that food to the customers would also be inspected by the food inspectors and their main concern is to provide safety to the customers and prevent them from food poisoning.

Restaurant Ambience

Food Gallery


Tommy Owen

One of the best places to go for any kind of food!! Really, the flavours are amazing and the staffs are friendly. The high-lightened factor is that the food is absolutely authentic. There is no any place for the disappointment. I have already recommended this place to my friends and colleagues. The buffet is a great deal and you can enjoy lots and lots of variety.


Trace Barnes

This is the best restaurant I have ever seen in my life time. The food is at its peak level and definitely the most enjoyable and favourable one. The overall theme and the interior them of the restaurant are too good. Yes, no doubt toy can travel extra mileage to taste this delicious food. Don’t miss the chance of tasting the food once in your lifetime!!


Tristen Kim

One of my favorite restaurants and in particular I love their lunch buffet. Do not miss any of your delicious food at any cause. The first time, I went with my friends and pleasantly supplied with the dinner service. The spot is meant for its authenticity and no doubt, the service has been an attentive one always. My best wishes to the team and keep up the good work!!


Allan Brooks

The buffet is a great deal, no words to say about my satisfaction!! Yes, lots of things to try on the exclusive menu and a quite bigger too. The overall ambiance is an ordinary one and definitely worth the penny for the food. The wallet won’t be empty at any cause and the food is healthy too. You can take your family here and enjoy the awesome food!!


Jase Rocha

The service is really great and you can view a wide selection of quality and delicious food. The overall team is friendly and for sure you can have the feeling that you are having your home food!! Each and everything is delicious and fresh; the services are too kind and prompt too!! The overall value is too excellent and the price is a reasonable one.

About Metal Haven Grill

Metal Haven Grill is a restaurant located in the city of Chicago, Illinois. We are providing food dishes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, our restaurant is one of the famous in the downtown area and we have many kinds of cuisines that cover a lot of cultures and diversities. Our restaurant is one of the oldest in the downtown area and we have been serving for a very long time. We are providing services in many styles like the buffet and other types that are subject to change according to the day of the service. We have all sophisticated amenities in our restaurant and we do provide drive in taking away to our customers, we have our timings listed in the contact page of our website and customers are requested to check it before checking in to the restaurant. We have the number of seats and tables in our restaurant that can accommodate many people at a time and during the festival time we tend to change the theme of the restaurant according to the program.

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